A clear, smooth skin you had always desired

  Microneedling RF – Provides tightening and closure of pores

  Laser resurfacing with ResurFX

  Laser resurfacing with Palomar 1540

  Dermaroller and dermapen – Micro channels in skin stimulate formation of new skin proteins to correct imperfections and give you a much smoother skin

  Cosmetology services Done – Skin is your best accessory for every day wear. At Kutiz we understand needs of each skin and indvidualise the treatment for give you a healthy, radiant skin

  Laser resurfacing – Correction of age spots ,fine line dull and pigmented skin

  Chemical Peel

  Visible results

  No down time

  No pain

  Permanent results

  Help to initiate new collagen synthesis which inturn smoothes out pores, depressed and raised acne scars