Say goodbye to blemishes

Say goodbye to blemishes

Sometimes nightmare happens in reality! A blemish is any type of dark mark, spot or skin discoloration that pimples, blackheads & whiteheads leave behind. When the pores on the surface of our skin get clogged with dead skin or sebum, it results in the formation of acne & pimples, which ultimately leave behind blemishes. Blemishes can also be caused by ingrown hair or age spots. Pimples, blemishes often show up on your face, neck, back & shoulders, where skin has the greatest amount of oil glands.
Seeking medical treatment may help reduce the appearance of blemishes.

What causes blemishes?
• Viruses
• Infections
• Environment
• Sun exposure
• Genetics
• Clogged pores
• Medications
• Stress
• Hormones
• Diet
• Inappropriate skincare
• Smoking

Types of blemishes
• Melasma
• Acne
• Nodules
• Age spots (liver spots)
• Pustules
• Ingrown hair
• Birthmarks
• Skin cancer
• Cysts
• Scars
• Cold sores
• Hyperpigmentation

Emotional & psychological impact of skin Problems
Some people with skin problems are at high risk of developing psychological & emotional problems, which can linger even after the skin gets better. Skin problems can take a toll on one’s psychological health. Researchers have found that some people may develop:
• Depression
• Decreased quality of life
• Low self-esteem
• Poor self-image
• Anxiety
• A feeling of being all alone

Medical or dermatologist solution for blemishes
For removal of blemishes you need something that goes deeper within your skin & roots out blemishes. Treatments of Kutiz are the perfect solution to treat unwanted skin pigmentation.

There are several procedures which can remove blemishes such as-

Microdermabrasion is a known treatment for exfoliating hyperpigmentation & blemishes which uses tiny particles to sand away dead skin. It is a non-chemical procedure that’s non-ablative, which means it does not destroy skin tissue, and therefore does not require significant recovery time.

Laser therapy
Laser therapy targets the brown pigment present in dark spots using an invisible focused beam of light. The pigment absorbs the laser energy & eliminates the pigment particles in the skin, leaving behind smooth and even skin tone.
Fractional laser therapy: Fractional laser treatment works at both the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin as it micro-beams laser light into the lower layers of skin, creating deep, narrow columns of tissue coagulation. Coagulated tissue in the treatment area stimulates a natural healing process that results in fast growth of healthy new tissue.

De-tanning laser therapy: It is a non-invasive or non-surgical treatment which uses light to regenerate & repair damaged skin cells. De-tanning laser therapy involves exposing the damaged skin to laser light & the process eliminates the need for medication, mostly it gives immediate results.

Chemical peels
Chemical peels exfoliates & remove the upper layers of dead skin helping to reduce the dull appearance of the skin so that it reflects light better and appears to glow. It helps in stimulating collagen production, enhancing cellular turnover & reducing the appearance of dark spots.

Microneedle rf
Microneedle rf treatment uses a medical-grade, stainless steel roller covered which has hundreds of tiny spikes, the tool creates a series of micro-injuries in effort to rebuild the skin collagen production along with elasticity. This treatment is often combined with topical treatments such as vitamin-C & platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

Mesotherapy is popular in cosmetic practice for skin rejuvenation & blemishes. It is the treatment that involves multiple microinjections directly into the skin.

MesoGlow is a skin rejuvenation process for maintaining the skin healthy. This process is a variant of Mesotherapy which infuses the skin with the required levels of antioxidants and vitamins to revitalize the skin while keeping it hydrated.

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