Get rid of a double chin

Get rid of a double chin

Seeing a double chin sprouted in the mirror may be a sign of obesity or weight gain. Fortunately, neck and chin toning can be achieved without surgery as there are many exercises that target the fat under the chin and neck. Whereas, there are other non-invasive US-FDA approved treatments as well that will help in returning your neck to its former glory by reducing double chin.

Causes of a double chin
A double is the extra layer of fat that develops below the chin. It is commonly caused by high-calorie diet, weight gain, age, laxity of skin, loose muscles, loss of volume on face, small chin and genetics that affect the elasticity of the skin, the amount of fat and water retention in the chin area.
Understanding these factors may help with understanding ways to get rid of the double chin itself.

Skin tends to lose its elasticity as the body ages, which eventually leads to the appearance of extra or saggy skin that may convert to a double chin.

Anyone with a genetic history of skin with little elasticity or double chins might be more likely to develop one themselves.

Diet and weight
Although weight gain is not always the cause of a double chin, but surely it can contribute to it. A diet high in calories, processed foods, and unhealthful fats may influence weight gain and a double chin as well.

Poor posture may contribute to a double chin over time, as the surrounding skin loses its elasticity when the muscles are not used.

Laxity of skin & loose skin
Facial skin laxity can be caused by a variety of factors including age, genetics, extreme weight loss, smoking, and chronic exposure to the sun.

Lose muscles
When you start to lose muscle your chin weakens and the skin around it becomes looser.

Non-Surgical Modern Treatments for a Double Chin

Ultherapy is a non-invasive procedure for skin tightening approved by the FDA. It’s a single treatment with absolutely no downtime and gives long lasting results. Ultherapy not only lifts the skin under the chin, but also on the neck, brow, and décolletage.
It targets the deeper layers of the tissue by using ultrasound. This gently delivers a controlled injury to the area to tighten and tone sagging skin, as well as healthy collagen is stimulated. Collagen is abundant when we’re young, but as we age, it declines, leading to a lack of skin elasticity.
Benefits of Ultherapy for double chin treatment include the following:
o Minimal to no downtime
o Produces an ideal neck silhouette
o Ultrasound imaging allows for a precise, effective treatment
o No surgery or needles required
o Can rejuvenate the face, neck, and chest.

Exilis is a latest non-invasive, non-surgical fat reduction device that uses RF, or radiofrequency, with a controlled cooling system that allows the heat to penetrate into the fat layer without harming the skin. This thermal energy speeds up the metabolic activity of the fat cells causing them to shrink. At the same time it stimulates and strengthens the collagen productions that reduce fat, tighten the skin and contour the face and body.
Not only does it reduce fat it can also firm sagging skin on the jaw area to help eliminate the double chin look. In clinical studies, Exilis has been proven to provide noticeable results for fat reduction, face and body contouring, collagen stimulation and tissue tightening without discomfort and downtime.
Also, Exilis is extremely safe and has almost no significant side effects. It is perfect for reducing double chins and smoothing turkey wattled necks.
Exilis also treats areas such as love handles, breasts, abdomen, neckline, face, jowls, décolletage, arms, bra fat, thighs, hips, buttocks, and knees.

Augmentation of the jaw line with dermal filler injections can give you a more youthful appearance by filling in loose skin. By smoothing the contours of the jaw, it increases the definition of this area. Jaw enhancement can also decrease the appearance of jowls or skin drooping beneath the jawline and hanging folds of fat. These can be used as jowl definition treatment to either replace lost volume in the mid face which can help to lift and improve the lower face or can be tailored to directly improve definition and contours of the chin and jawline.

Botulinum toxin is highly effective for improving the facial contours especially to do away with the signs of ageing. Sagging and loose skin in the jaw area can be treated through non-invasive jawline contouring treatment.
As Botulinum toxin is used for the square jaw reduction, in the same way it can be used for the non-surgical jowls treatment. This sagging chin treatment gives you a more well-defined and beautiful jaw line that distinctly separates your jaw from your neck adding to its slimness and contours.

You can achieve a real difference to your face. Kutiz Skin Clinic has a range of non-invasive treatment options proven to deliver successful results without downtime.

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