Laser Hair Removal- Best Hair Removal Solution For Men

Laser Hair Removal- Best Hair Removal Solution For Men

Cleanliness & grooming are now getting popular as more and more men prefer smooth hair-free skin & hence it’s changing norms in our society. Trimming of hair, maintaining eyebrows and keeping chest, uni-brows, abdomen, shoulder, nose, legs, back & ear lobes shaved has now become a prominent part of men’s grooming routine, as it helps in enhancing their appearance. Men hair are usually thicker & stronger so  traditional methods like waxing, shaving, tweezing or plucking is not so pleasing anymore as they are intensely painful and includes recurring expenses. So it is important to identify & utilize the most cost-effective, painless and long-term methods of hair removal in men.

Men hair are usually thicker & stronger but still success from following methods are possible-

Method available for men’s hair removal

  • Laser hair removal –One of the best choice for selective parts or full body hair removal in men. It is a quick, painless, cost-effective and a long-term method of hair reduction.
  • Electrolysis –Expensive as well as time consuming method of permanent hair removal for men. It is extremely painful and you will have to attend several sessions with each session being 15-30 minutes.
  • Shaving –It’s very common as razors have been used due to their ease of availability. But using the razor to remove hair from some sensitive can sometimes be not so pleasurable. There may be several side-effects like itching for days, cuts & sometimes these cuts can become infected as well.
  • Male threading –A thread is used to remove the hair from your face, eyebrows, nose and chin. This is extremely painful and may cause some skin deformities if not carried out with precision. Also it does not pluck the ingrown hair.
  • Waxing –Heated wax is used to remove hair from various body parts  which is quite a painful process. It may cause redness, rashes and painful bumps; even causing skin infection from bruises.
  • Plucking –Not a very popular hair removal method for men, as you can pluck out only one hair at a time. Temporary burns are expected and since it is done on the face or other sensitive areas on the body, it can leave you with unwanted marks.
  • Hair removal creams –Removes hair without any pain but some of the cons includes the odour of these creams, burning or itchiness if the skin is sensitive, also rashes, allergic reactions, etc.


Best method for men’s permanent hair removal- Laser Hair Removal Treatment

The best solution for permanent hair removal for men’s body is through the laser hair removal treatment. In comparison to other methods, this one is relatively painless, more cost effective as it provides long lasting results & most importantly it is suitable for all body parts.

Why Kutiz for laser hair removal?

Kutiz have certified dermatologists who know exactly how to remove the unwanted hair from its roots, to prevent further hair growth. We have latest & advanced technologies (US-FDA approved). Our laser hair removal treatment is cost effective, long lasting and safe. So boys, it’s time to get rid of unpleasant and unwanted hair to flaunt a perfect and well-groomed side of yourself.

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