Laser Hair Removal for men

Laser Hair Removal for men

Why Laser Hair Removal for men?

Are you also looking for beard lining and shaping or the underarm laser hair removal? Or maybe you are just interested in removing the unsightly hair to create a groomed look, and then this package is meant for you. At Kutiz Skin Clinic, Doctors are most experienced in the laser hair removal for men. While we recognize all the unique results that men seek in their hair removal. We always use the latest technology inside the science of hair removal. By using the sophisticated computerized technology that produces enough energy of each laser with 60% lesser pain than any other hair removal device in the market now days.

These days Laser Hair Removal is a popular solution opted by men in the increasing number. It is no longer only for women. Unwanted Hair Removal is provided by Kutiz Skin Clinic since years by several modalities that include destroying hair follicle permanently. Laser hair removal for men can be done in beard lining and shaping, underarms, half arms, half neck or hands.


Laser hair removal for men is also effective for patients who have-

  • Recalcitrant acne
  • Ingrown hair
  • Seborrhoea


Locking in That Shaven (or Unshaven) Look

The two-day older beard is a modern classic. Both virile and casual, it bespeaks a man who need not bother to shave daily.

And it’s also a lot of work.
The actuality is, most men who sport sexy, two-day growths end up spending more, not less, time in front of the mirror. That’s because the facial hair have a way of meandering either up your face or down your neck in the unruly patches, and you might end up needing to trim around the edges. And that means wielding a razor very, very carefully.

Men like the look of going a few days without shaving, but sometimes beard hair grows into the chest hair, and no one likes that. Another popular look is the stubble look, but sometimes this causes scraggly patches on the neck, dotted with ingrown hairs, which can ruin the picture.

A smaller but growing, rank of men is sporting neatly trimmed two or three-day growth without extra grooming. Laser beard shaping has helped them do away with unwanted facial hairs for good. A man who sees laser beard sculpturing want to get rid of the facial hairs on the throat area and to also define the line along the upper margins of the beard, as well.

The goal of the majority of men when they go for Laser Beard Shaping is to create a natural beard line which can make men look younger, with a stronger jawline. They might go without shaving for three or four days and not look scruffy.

Not everyone who opt laser beard treatments wants the unshaven look, some men want to maintain heavy facial hair. Lot of men with very heavy beards have a rough time shaving on their neck, where hairs tend to grow every which way and getting razor burns, nicks and cuts on their neck. Heavily bearded men also find it difficult to maintain expensive dress shirts and find that Laser Beard Sculpting extends the life of their dress shirts with this treatment. Now, men can go three days without shaving and still look businesslike, and no longer worry about ingrown hairs.

Every laser treatment lasts anywhere from few minutes to hours, and it usually requires at least six treatments to be effective. Treatments are spaced three to four weeks apart because hair normally cycles through periods of rest and growth, and the laser works only on hairs in the growth phase. Laser hair removal at Kutiz Skin Clinic is USFDA approved which is the safest way to get rid of those excess hairs without any pain.


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