Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal

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The world of permanent hair reduction is a complex one; it’s difficult to decide which type of hair removal will work best for you can be tricky. There are many techniques but here we are explaining you some basic difference between two majorly used technologies which will help you to decide what will work best for you and what is more effective method of hair removal; laser or IPL.




IPL is Intense Pulsed Light) uses full spectrum light (such as light from a light bulb) and although IPL contains some of the wavelengths of light required to remove hair it also contains other wavelengths that are unnecessary, making IPL diluted and less effective for hair removal. IPL’s are unable target the hair follicle specifically, resulting in potential damage to some skin types (dark skin).




Light from a true Laser is specifically designed for effective hair removal, without exposing you to any unnecessary light radiation from other wavelengths. This make laser far more effective than IPL because it is more concentrated as lasers penetrate deep into the skin and specifically target the root of the hair (the source of the growth).





Usually, IPL treatments require 10-15 treatments and it renders low permanent results. Since the machine lacks focus in emitting its light energy and it has to delivered in low settings, hair reduction can take longer, but possible with more sessions. Laser hair removal usually needs 6-10 sessions with impressive permanence. The results are long lasting which is why you need less treatments.
IPL can be uncomfortable, with patients saying that it feels like a rubber band has been flicked at their skin. However, those with darker skin tones may feel more discomfort more than others. Laser treatments can also give a certain degree of discomfort, but the process is less painful compared to IPL depending on your individual skin and hair type.
For IPL to heat deeper targets, higher energy levels must be used. This can lead to adverse effects such as blistering, hyper pigmentation and potentially scarring. Laser treatments use only one wavelength which allows deeper penetration and the energy is directed straight to the target instead of being absorbed by other chromophores along its path.
IPL is effective for dark hair individuals with light to medium skin. It cannot be safely used on dark skin. Effective for all skin types.
IPL requires more sessions before it can achieve desirable results. Lasers can deliver results much faster, which is why it requires less sessions, and it also offers a higher level of satisfaction among patients.
A single session is dependent of the area that needs to be treated, but it is considerably much cheaper than laser hair removal. Some clinics even offer it at very low prices, but you should be careful when you encounter these discounted prices that seem too good to be true. A session is more expensive than an IPL, but you also have to consider that you get the desired results in less time and sessions. This will be more cost-efficient in the long run because it also promises long-lasing results, which means less touch ups.






Why Choose Kutiz?

Mostly clinic in India use IPL as the equipment is far cheaper than laser equipments. However, at Kutiz treatments by USFDA approved lasers done by dermatologist and disposable consumables are used to ensure no infection. We provide you with the latest of technology which attains best results for our clients, so we only use laser for hair removal treatments.

  • We only use Medical Grade Lasers
  • We are Laser Safety Certified


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