Why Medi-facials are better than regular facials?
Monthly facials are beauty regime to rejuvenate your skin, making skin glowing and soft for a couple of days. But they do not give you a long lasting glow. So here comes Medi-facial to your rescue which are performed under the supervision of a dermatologist that not only gives you long lasting glow but it is also medically proven to benefit skin in the long run as they are based on antioxidants, vitamins, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs). These ingredients provide an instant brightening effect as well as anti- aging benefits in the long run, with no side effects.
If you’re a man reading this, Medi-facial has got you covered as well! Gone are the days when skin care was limited to women. Nowadays, 30% of clients coming in for these medi-facials are men. With thicker skin that is often exposed to sun damage due to more time spent outdoors, men mostly go for intense facials like Powerglow DNA repair, which penetrates deep enough to work on thick skin, and Nefertiti Facial which primarily focuses on skin tightening and facelift.

What are Medi-facials?
Medi-facials or Medical Facial involve the use of a few chemical peels and laser machines while doing the procedure. Medi-facial helps in improving the tone, texture & collagen, hence slowing down ageing. It also hydrates the skin by making it soft & supple.
Medi-facials remove dead skin cells and repair the skin leaving it refreshed and healthy looking, without compromising and damaging its protective barrier.

Why should you get Medi-facials?
• Stress-buster: A good medi-facial can cure any breakouts and renew the skin from within.
• Relaxation: Medi-facial has a relaxing effect on your skin when proper pressure is applied to the pressure points.
• Anti-ageing effects: Serum used in medi-facials helps reduce signs of ageing and keeps the skin looking youthful.
• Prevents bacterial breakouts: Medi-facial helps reduces the pore size, stabilizes oil production and promotes healthy cell growth.

Here are a few types of medi-facials:
• Anti-acne facial
• Skin whitening facial
• Collagen facial
• Oxy/Jet facial
• Party facial
• Anti-ageing facial
• Instant glow facial
• Hydrating facial
• Skin rejuvenation facial
• Tan facial

Treatment benefits:
• Replenishes the skin with vitamins for a fresh glow
• Needle-free deep skin treatment
• Short and pleasant
• Diminishes wrinkles and hyperpigmentation
• Facial and décolleté cleansing and rejuvenation
• No irritation or redness
• Painless
• Fades stretch marks, rejuvenates skin
• No down time
• Zero skin print

So the next time your salon facial leaves you feeling unsatisfied, consider Medi-facial to treat your skin the right and new way!
Kutiz Skin Clinic’s dermatologist Dr Jyoti Malik will help you to select the best medi-facials for your skin.

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