How to Choose a Laser Hair Removal Clinic

How to Choose a Laser Hair Removal Clinic

Laser hair removal has become a popular cosmetic treatment for removing unwanted hair from nearly any area of the body. It is extremely important to approach certified dermatologists and clinics to ensure the safest and most effective laser hair removal treatment. Choose the right laser hair removal clinic for you as it increases the odds of success for your hair removal treatment. Your clinic should be professional & good in job as laser hair removal is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. We have compiled a few points to help you on your journey of choosing best laser hair removal at a clinic near you.

• Find out who will be supervising the laser hair removal procedure
Any clinic that is authorized, certified and verified will most likely have a dermatologist perform the laser hair removal procedure. In some cases, an assistant or therapist might perform the more basic treatments under a dermatologist supervising the procedure. Having a dermatologist for your treatment will ensure a safe procedure with the right methods being enforced. Besides, their experience will be beneficial for unique cases. Make sure to ask who has direct control over the equipment, as the answer should always be the dermatologist.

• Find out what type of laser will be used
There are varieties of laser used for cosmetic procedures today. Ask if the clinic you choose uses US FDA-approved machines which are specifically designed for laser hair removal as they are considered the safest as they undergo strict protocols to clear for clinical use. Be updated on the current laser treatment trends before signing up with a service provider.

• Inquire about experience and credentials
Clinics which meet with the standards and safety will either have their credentials displayed online or at a physical location. It’s better to find out if the technicians participate in ongoing training to keep up with the latest advances in laser treatment. Also find out how experienced the clinic or the dermatologist is in laser hair removal as it will give you a good indication of how your treatment will be performed. Ask about how new their machines are with respect to the latest technology will go a long way in justifying not only the potential experience but also the cost factor.

• Schedule an initial consultation with the provider
Consultations are typically free of charge at most reputable laser clinics today; also it’s a chance to inquire about the specific procedure and its technicalities. Ask about the experience, what are the equipments used (should be FDA approved), procedures & expectations. Some clinic promises “permanent” hair removal results; this is not officially agreed upon by the FDA and subsequent sessions might be required to maintain results.

• Determine the price of the procedure
The price of laser hair removal may vary upon the size of the target area, number of sessions required over time, the experience of the dermatologist or therapist, and the technology being used for the treatment. Also naturally, the variances between clinics will be high in this category. While some generalizations can be made, the final cost will be unique to the individual undergoing the treatment.

• Find out how many sessions are required
Generally six to eight sessions are required for effective unwanted hair removal. There is a month or two in between sessions to allow the hair cycle to reach a stage that is ideal for laser hair removal. Some may need maintenance sessions once or twice a year after the initial sessions are done.

• Find out if there is a risk
Laser hair removal is often a painless and extremely safe cosmetic procedure but side effects and reactions to certain skin types is always a possibility. Hygiene is also one of the most important factors. Certified clinics will conduct a thorough round of safety protocols before allowing you to undergo treatment.

• Find out if the process works for your skin type or color
Laser hair removal is possible on most skin types. It works on the principle of targeting dark contrast areas but that can be slightly difficult on darker skin tones. It still makes sense to visit a dermatologist for a consultation as the technology at laser hair removal clinics is constantly improving.

• What Is The Safety Record And Reviews Of The Clinic?
Now days the best sources of information about a clinic are reviews available online. Explore blogs, forums, and websites that collate information related to laser hair removal clinics. Cross-reference your information to avoid marketing ploys or false information.

Laser Hair Removal at Kutiz
At Kutiz, we have Dr Jyoti Malik who is an accomplished MD Dermatologist and cosmetologist. We pride ourselves on having the strictest standards and safety protocols, the laser devices are US FDA approved for different skin types against beauty salons who use cheap IPL machines.
As with any cosmetic procedure, time and research is a key to making the right decision. Remember to consult with a dermatologist and inquire about their experience, protocols, and technology, and you will be on your way to finding a laser hair removal clinic near you.


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