Photofacials at skin clinic

Photofacials at skin clinic

This New Year, many people are going for medical facials to look their best. Our Dermatologists can tell you all that you need to know regarding these procedures.

As most common new year resolution, people want to look young and feel their best. Earlier, beauty treatments were nothing more than a rejuvenating facial. However, now a day many people preferring the extra mile and hence they are ditching beauty facials for clinical ones. “Clinical facials, also known as photofacials, are specially recommended for the skin issues such as pigmentation, dryness and acne,” says Dr Jyoti Malik, Kutiz Skin Clinic.

Photofacials use high-quality and non-irritant customized products, which contains active ingredients. These clinical treatments can be done on any human body part that has skin problem. For example, if somebody has dark knees or elbows, he or she may opt for a skin lightening treatment.

Myths about medical facials

  • They are painful: Not necessarily. Generally, concentration of the peels used is little mild. The clean-up process might little painful but bearable.
  • They are expensive: Basic photofacials are generally not expensive, it depends on the clinic and what products or technologies the doctors using.
  • It is only for people above the age of 30: Acne is a most common problem among teenagers, hence people above 15 are prime candidates for these treatments. Hence, 15 is the minimum age for photofacials.

Benefits of medical facials

  • A doctor first diagnoses your skin for better understanding of skin type and your individual issues, then suggests a suitable treatment accordingly.
  • Only Doctors have the permission of using medical-grade cosmetic products, like higher-strength peels.
  • Doctors incorporate technologies, which delivers results that a beauty facial can never achieve. Technologies like Q-switched laser, Intense pulsed light (IPL) & Radio Frequency (RF).
  • You always have access to your doctor post-treatment, can also avail a tailor-made post-treatment home-care regimen.


Let’s see the difference between Facial at beauty parlours & Photofacials at skin clinic –

Facial at beauty parlours Photofacials at skin clinic
·         Done by beautician ·         Done by qualified dermatologist
·         No standardization ·         USFDA approved, globally standardized
·         No safety assurance ·         Completely safe
·         Can cause infection, acne & allergies ·         No risk of infection, done under hygienic


·         Different skin type behave differently ·         Different protocols for different skin types
·         Not suitable for sensitive skin ·         Suitable for sensitive skin



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