Sunspots- prevention & cure

Sunspots- prevention & cure

Most people love spending time outside on a bright sunny day – Soaking in warmth and much-needed goodness from the sun. But you just need to be careful, prolonged exposure may lead to a series of skin problems, including sun spots- also known as solar lentigines, these are flat, darkened spots on skin that appears due to sun exposure that worsens every time you come in contact with even the slightest trace of Ultraviolet (UV) rays. People often tend to worry more about the visible changes sun damage causes to our face, but in truth, one should be concerned about the changes sun exposure causes on the rest of the body as well. If you’re seeing white spots on skin, white patches, light spots, dark spots, or other age spots from sun exposure, here’s what you need to know to improve their appearance.


Preventing sunspots

Best and the only way to prevent sunspots is to limit your exposure to UVA and UVB rays. To prevent sunspots:

  • Don’t use tanning beds.
  • Apply sunscreen before going outdoors.
  • Reapply sunscreen regularly as directed.
  • Choose cosmetics with an SPF.
  • Cover your skin with clothing.


Professional cure
Here’s how you and your dermatologist can work towards getting rid of them:


  • Laser resurfacing
    This procedure is expensive but effective. It removes thin layers of the skin and allows new skin to grow in its place. Healing can take few weeks.


  • Microdermabrasion
    It involves controlled exfoliation of the skin wherein the dead skin cells or outermost layer of your skin are suctioned off. Additionally, Microdermabrasion lends your skin a bright, youthful glow.


  • Chemical Peels
    A chemical peeling agent (an acid solution) is applied to the skin for about 10 minutes to eventually peel away so that new skin can grow. The skin sheds, leading to reddening of the area for about 1-3 weeks, which is when you must avoid sun exposure.
  • Intense pulse light (IPL)

It helps in removing sunspots by heating and destroying melanin with pulses of light energy.


  • Microneedling

This minimally invasive cosmetic procedure uses small needles to prick the skin. Microneedling is typically used to induce collagen production (making the skin firmer and smoother), help with acne scars, and decrease the appearance of sunspots.


Consult a dermatologist now

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