Skin care tips for acne prone skin

Skin care tips for acne prone skin

Acne Prone Skin is so difficult, to handle, to see, to face others. We know how difficult is dealing with acne can be. You don’t feel like going out anywhere in public place or being seen, and you’ve probably tried every possible remedy. We can totally sympathize. So, we have put together some amazing  skin care tips for acne prone skin for you & you will see improvement in your acne as well.

It is incredibly important to wash your face daily when you have acne prone skin. Wash once in the morning before going out or putting on a makeup and again at night before getting into bed. Clean your face gently, as trauma to the acne breakouts may worsen the acne or cause scarring. Also when washing your face, use your hands as any terry cloth or other scrubbing material may cause acne sores to rupture.

Keeping your skin moisturized is very important. Washing your face is vital too, but the thing is, washing your skin pulls away much of the necessary oils in the skin. Follow up each wash with light, non-comedogenic moisturizers, which do not aggravate acne. They are oil free moisturizers that contain anti-bacterial agents for acne-prone skin.

Avoid picking at any blemishes on your face as picking can result in further inflammation and possible scarring. When you pop a pimple that bacteria spreads and can seep into other pores, causing them to break out as well. Your best bet is to keep your hands off your acne prone skin so never pick.

Choose facewashes, cleansers, creams and moisturizers which are specially formulated for acne. These products often contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, which help to clear acne sores. If you wear a makeup, use an oil-free foundation. Heavy makeup or other cosmetic products that block pores may cause a flare-up of acne.

You already know that oily foods actually cause oily skin or acne breakouts, so it is always good advice to make wise food choices and follow a balanced diet. The nutrients and vitamins found in fruits and vegetables will make your skin look better regardless of the acne.

Drink lots & lots of water as it not only keeps your body hydrated but it also keeps your acne prone skin hydrated. Water flushes impurities out of your body, including bacteria that cause pimples. Opt for water instead of sugary sodas or energy drinks all throughout the day.

Yes, acne prone skin can be devastating for you, but you can’t let it get you down. Acne rises and falls with the menstrual cycle. There are ways to deal with it. Let us know if you want any help to get rid of acne.
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